About Us

      Guangzhou Yirui Printing Coating Technology CO.,LTD is a company which engages in developing a variety of printing film coatings, printing consumables and white board inks.
        We have kept good partnership with many Guangzhou universities, research institutions and chemical companies on cooperation for many years. We have an excellence research team consisting of Chemical Doctors, mechanical engineers and lab technicians. We have advanced laboratory facilities for testing  of  viscosity, conductivity, centrifugation, leveling property, heat, wear and scratching resistance, We have our own manufacturing facility as well. We focus on providing quality product and formula for coatings and inks. Our customers cover thermal transfer printing industry, labeling industry, inkjet printer makers, the printer users and stationery manufacturers.


       In the past 10 years, YIRUI has been at the forefront of  innovation ,manufacturing and market of specialty fine chemical material In china. In 2003, We successfully solved the technical problem for heat transfer cold releasing matt finish PET film. Many Chinese manufacturers no need to import the expensive heat transfer film from overseas from that time. In 2005,Yirui make the coating to improve the printing surface on the plastic film. It low down the manufacturing cost and minimize the impact from international transportation. In the same year, we made it our goal to develop safe, environmental friendly, energy saving and quality products. With that goal in mind, we have developed a series of inks and related solvent,it help our client not bothered about the ink,manufacturing locally and saving the cost. In 2015 we launched a series of waterborne electrostatic spraying coatings, which can replace the high-grade oil paint, mainly used in metal plating, metal surface coating, etc..


      Our services

       YIRUI provide customized solutions for inkjet printer manufacturer and their distributors. We open our lab to customers and can formulate on site for the clients. By testing and analyzing for various brands of inkjet printers, we could assistant our clients to improve their products and process. Our service will make your products more professional, scientific and different.


        Our technology
        Yirui Technology not only provides safe products, but also has the responsibility to interpret product safety concept. Due to the limitation of current material supply in global fine chemical industry, we are not able to provide 100% toxin free products, however, it is our goal to minimize such effects to human health and environment through our research and development.


        Professional manufacturer
        With over 10 years of manufacturing the label improvement coating material,YIRUI Technology research the ink& solvent more scientifically and could provide the unique and practical ink formula to printer factory.


       Our mission is to providing the high quality & environmental friendly inkjet ink to worldwide clients. In order to meet the client’s requirement,we could customize different colors ink.
We are looking for global distributors, your choice will encourage us to move on. 






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